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Vegan Friendly, Neon Fashion Colour, Powder Hair Dye

This amazing hair dye comes in an easy to use powder form, in a variety of crazy colours and is vegan friendly.

How it works:

  • Measure some powder, equivalent to the section of hair to be dyed, and place in a bowl

  • Add an equal amount of conditioner

  • Mix well

  • Apply to section of hair

  • Leave the mixture on for an hour

  • Rinse hair well

  • Dry hair and feel fabulous!


Skullour is sold in 100g tubs. The powder is then mixed with your conditioner of choice and makes around 250ml dye.

The colour can last up to 3 months when washing with sulphate free shampoo, using dry shampoo in between washes and treating the hair with care.

This dye works best on pre-lightened hair. The dark colours work alright on dark hair, but it does not come out as bright or last as long as when used on prelightened hair.

Skullour is currently available in the following funky colours:

  • Red Skullour Hair Dye

  • Orchid Skullour Hair Dye

  • Neon Purple Skullour Hair Dye

  • Dark Purple Skullour Hair Dye

  • Orange Skullour Hair Dye

  • Yellow Skullour Hair Dye

  • Silver / Platinum Ice Skullour Hair Dye

  • Neon Pink Skullour Hair Dye

  • Lime Green Skullour Hair Dye

  • Dark Blue Skullour Hair Dye

  • Sky Blue Skullour Hair Dye

  • Dark Green Skullour Hair Dye

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