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Neon Purple Skullour Hair Dye

This neon purple hair dye works best on very light hair.


On darker hair, a darker shade of purple will be achieved, but it will not have the neon affect as it would on lighter hair.

The purple can sometimes wash out into a silvery shade.

This amazing hair dye comes in an easy to use powder form, in a variety of crazy colours and is vegan friendly.

These large tubs contain enough dye to cover long hair at least twice.


The dye can last 3 months using sulphate free shampoo with 2 washes a week.

The dye can last 4 weeks using normal harsh shampoos every day.

How it works:

  • Measure some powder, equivalent to the section of hair to be dyed, and place in a bowl

  • Add an equal amount of conditioner

  • Mix well

  • Apply to section of hair

  • Leave the mixture on for an hour

  • Rinse hair well

  • Dry hair and feel fabulous!

My personal experience with the neon purple Skullour hair dye
Purple Hair Dye - The Night Kitty

I personally tried this neon purple dye when I went rogue and made half my head purple and the other half turquoise.

I started off by bleaching my hair to a very light yellow shade. I then dyed the right half neon purple and the left half sky blue mixed with turquoise.

The purple really did come out as bright as neon colours do. When out in the sun, the colour stood out even more.

Rogue half purple half turquoise Hair Dye - The Night Kitty
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