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Sky Blue Skullour Hair Dye

This sky blue hair dye comes out nice and bright on pre-lightened hair.

Please note that if this dye is used on yellow or light brown hair, the result will be more of a green shade.

This amazing hair dye comes in an easy to use powder form, in a variety of crazy colours and is vegan friendly.

These large tubs contain enough dye to cover long hair at least twice.


The dye can last 3 months using sulphate free shampoo with 2 washes a week.

The dye can last 4 weeks using normal harsh shampoos every day.

How it works:

  • Measure some powder, equivalent to the section of hair to be dyed, and place in a bowl

  • Add an equal amount of conditioner

  • Mix well

  • Apply to section of hair

  • Leave the mixture on for an hour

  • Rinse hair well

  • Dry hair and feel fabulous!

My personal experience with the sky blue Skullour hair dye

I personally tried this sky blue as part of the Mermaid bundle as well as the peacock bundle.

With the Mermaid bundle, I started off by bleaching my hair to a medium yellow shade. I then dyed the top half dark blue and the bottom half light blue.

With the Peacock bundle​, I started off by bleaching my hair to a medium yellow shade. I then parted my hair from the crown of my head into nine pizza or pie sections. Using three different colours, I dyed each section separately using sky blue, dark blue and orchid. I repeated the sequence three times to complete the nine sections.

The sky blue came out slightly more of a turquoise shade on the yellow canvas. The hair has to be bleached to almost white for the sky blue to come out more of a blue shade.

Ocean Mermaid Hair Dye - The Night Kitty
Peacock Hair Dye - The Night Kitty
Sky Blue Hair Dye - The Night Kitty
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